5 Books to Prepare Yourself 4

Originally Published on LinkedIn (12/20/2019)

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Don’t know where to start? Try here:

Trickster makes this world: mischief, myth, and art / Lewis Hyde

Coyote steals fire, Loki takes apples, Odysseus lies his way through life, but what can we learn about who gets caught and who gets away? Broken down into digestible sections, Lewis Hyde takes readers across five continents through the different incarnations of the trickster and how cultures leveraged those stories to build stronger communities.

Ready Player One / Ernest Cline

There is no question that Ernest Cline’s 2011 novel was written for a cinema audience. It’s fun to read with a plot that’s both predictable and inspiring. If you’re looking to dive back into the worlds of fiction after a hiatus, Ready Player One is a great place to start.

Hard Choices / Hillary Clinton

Clocking in at 318 pages less than the Benghazi report, Hillary Clinton freely and without reservation provides us with a review of her faithful service as the Secretary of State for the United States of America. Whatever your feelings about Hillary’s past or future, Hard Choices provides readers with a clear definition of what leadership can be on the world stage.

The Rebel / Albert Camus

Former Editor-in-Chief of the French World War II newspaper Combat, Albert Camus explores the human tolls of fighting for justice to absurd detail.

When to Rob a Bank / Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

The Freakonomics writers wrote a blog, then they turned that blog into a book, and it’s a pretty good one. Whatever you are curious about, whether it's the social economics of public transportation, how to better understand the visible hand of the market, or how to plan the eponymous crime, it's clear Steven and Stephen would be excited to explore those ideas with you.



Take a look, it’s in a book.

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